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How do i control my dog's shedding? Is it messed up if i shave her?

shes only 6 months old, is it something all dogs go through?

we bought her some things to help...but she sheds so can make a cant sit folding laundry and its already on the clothes.. someone came to my house and they had a black file case, and as soon as she put it down, you can see the static taking the hair off the was kinda embarassing

How do i control my dog's shedding? Is it messed up if i shave her?

Make sure you're feeding her a high quality kibble, it will help to keep her coat healthy. Brush her every day, it will reduce the amount of hair that ends up on your carpet. Depending on her breed, it could be "messed up" for you to shave her. Northern breeds like Akitas, Malamutes, Huskies, Chow Chows, etc NEED their coats to keep them warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. It would be considered safe to shave some breeds, but it can be incredibly unsafe to shave others. Talk to your vet before doing it. Some groomers will shave any dog if you ask them to, even if it isn't in the dog's best interest.

Don't bathe her too often, it will dry out her skin and will make her shed more. Once every 4-6 weeks should be fine (more or less, depending on the breed). When you do bathe her, use a dog shampoo that has oatmeal in it, that will also help to keep her skin moisturized, and give her a healthy coat.

The Furminator is an amazing brush, I just started using it on my dog. It is incredible how much loose fur it takes off. Check out their website. The stores charge $40-$60 for them, but I got mine on Ebay for $25.

ADD: No, you can't shave your Germand Shephard/Coyote.

How do i control my dog's shedding? Is it messed up if i shave her?

Shaving won't help and its actually not recommended for some breeds because the coat actually acts as protection from the elements including the sun. But make sure she is eating healthy diet with essential fatty acids and omega oils and make a habit of regular brushing to control the shedding. Just part of dog ownership.., some dogs shed all year round or some just blow their coat during seasonal changes.

How do i control my dog's shedding? Is it messed up if i shave her?

Welcome to the world of owning pets. Its very common to have animals shed fur, every breed does it just some do it more then others.

I, personally, wouldnt recommend shaving your dog because the fur offers protection to him/her against the weather, other animals, etc. Shaving the fur off may make her vulnerable to getting hurt or sick.

If she is shedding at an alarming rate perhaps you need to have a Vet take a look at her. She may have contracted some sort of rash or infection.

How do i control my dog's shedding? Is it messed up if i shave her?

i ve got a lot of dogs myself and all of my dogs do it . so its quite natural

How do i control my dog's shedding? Is it messed up if i shave her?

I think it depends on the breed of dog; some have different kinds of coats.

I think the best way to control the shedding would be to brush the dog at least twice a day, maybe more. Depending on the breed of dog, I wouldn't advise cutting her hair; sometimes it can mess up a dog's coat for good; it doesn't grow back right. (But sometimes it's perfectly ok; you could look it up online)

How do i control my dog's shedding? Is it messed up if i shave her?

A couple options here...

Brush often! This time of year it's common for dogs to shed their winter coats, so a good brushing helps take it off.

Another thing is to use a lint roller to pick up shed hair off of furniture (a cheap, drug store one works just fine), and if there's a LOT of hair, use rubber cleaning gloves (like the ones used for washing dishes or whatever) to sort of rub the hair off.

Bathing your dog will also help, but you don't want to do it too much as it might dry her skin out.

If the shedding is persistant, there is nothing wrong with shaving your dog. It's a fairly common practice, especially with long-haired breeds that get so hot during the summer.

Finally, if none of this works, you might want to talk to a vet, as it might indicate a skin problem. There are specialized shampoos and such that can help, but you should talk to the vet first.

How do i control my dog's shedding? Is it messed up if i shave her?

A german shepherd mix is going to shed. A LOT. It's a fact of life with these kinds of dogs. Shaving her will not help. She will still shed the exact same amount of hair, except after shaving it will be tiny, short little hairs with very sharp edges that are impossible to remove from clothing, furniture, etc and can actually stick into your skin like little splinters (imagine fiberglass splinters...except it's your dog's hair). Trust me when I say that this is FAR more annoying than shed hair (dog hair splinters hurt!). Shaving may also ruin her coat. Eventually it will stop growing back in normally...for some dogs this takes many repeated shaves but for others it can happen the very first time.

Rather than shaving her, I would first and foremost make sure she is eating a good diet. Any food you can buy in a grocery store is not going to support a healthy coat. Even most of the "premium" brands you can buy in a box-type petstore like Petsmart are not going to give you optimal skin and coat. Look for a food that lists a specified meat meal (lamb meal, chicken meal, etc) as the first ingredient or as the second ingredient after a specified meat. Avoid any food that lists an unspecified meal (meat meal, beef and bone meal, poultry meal, etc) as these are usually made with inferior ingredients and can vary drastically from batch to batch (and consequently bag to bag). Try to limit grains to no more than two or three in the first five or six ingredients. Most grains are used because they hold the kibble together and many brands use them as filler material because they are cheap rather than because they have any real nutritional value. Also, try to avoid corn anywhere in the first five ingredients...corn is almost always used primarily as a filler with little or no nutritional value. Corn, wheat, and soy are common allergens and can contribute to skin problems, poor coat, and avoiding foods with these ingredients in them could be helpful. Also avoid any food that includes sugar, salt, artificial flavors, artificial coloring, or chemical preservatives BHA, BHT, or ethyoxyquin like the plague. These ingredients serve absolutely no nutritional value whatsoever and studies have suggested that they contribute to poor health and even cancer (the preservatives I've mentioned have been banned or restricted from human use in many countries because of the strong evidence in lab studies that they are carcinogenic).

Aside from making sure you have a high quality food, supplementing the diet with vitamin E and omega fatty acids can make a world of difference in skin and coat health. It won't make your dog stop shedding, but it will probably reduce it.

Brush, brush, brush. Brushing is about the best thing you can do aside from quality diet to help reduce shedding. Brushing stimulates the skin and helps to distribute oils and pulls out dead hair before it gets a chance to fall out onto your floor. It won't stop the shedding, but it's just good grooming practices.

How do i control my dog's shedding? Is it messed up if i shave her?

Don't worry, it's regular with every pet. Still you can approach a vet you will give a medicine to reduce shedding and you will find peace of mind in a weeks' time. In fact, i forgot the name of the prescription.....otherwise, i would have helped you on line.....

How do i control my dog's shedding? Is it messed up if i shave her?

You should live with 8 Golden Retrievers They shed continually and I have to vacuum two or three times a day.

It's part and parcel of owning long haired dogs I'm afraid.

You kind of get used to it after 30 years!

I once saw a Dog Sticker in the States and it said "Dog Hair is a condiment in our house". I thought how true that is, especially in my house and I'm sure all Golden Retriever owners will agree. lol!

If you love your dog you put up with it or buy something like a Schnauzer or a Poodle. I believe these breeds do not shed.

How do i control my dog's shedding? Is it messed up if i shave her?


How do i control my dog's shedding? Is it messed up if i shave her?

it might be because of stress i should kno im studing to be a vet and that is the leading cause of hair loss u should check with a vet i hope i helped

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