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Neapolitan Mastiff?

Hi! My fiancee %26amp; I are looking at getting a dog. I want something protective as he is in the USCG and will be away from time to time... are they easily handled? I only weigh 115 so I'm not big %26amp; would need something I can control.

Also, how much do they drool? Would you have to mop a few times a day to clean it?

I also have very slight allergies to dog dander. My parents Lab bothers me but my fiancee's mom's Yorkie's don't. I heard shorter hair dogs don't bother allergic people.. do you think this dog would?

Also, most importantly, we plan to have kids in about 6 or 7 years, I know they have a short life expectancy but are they good with children? I woudn't feel too great having a huge dog around them, but I'd like to know what you all think.


Neapolitan Mastiff?

To be honest, I don't think this is the dog for you at this time. If you were to end up having kids sooner than planned (believe it or not, this sometimes happens) what would you do with the dog? Yes they are very messy- I have a french mastiff, I could easily wash my floors twice each day, wash the walls once a week, and clean my glass doors daily, and still have spit everywhere. It is just something you have to deal with. They can be easy to handle if trained properly, but you need to start early and be consistent. I think they are wonderful dogs, but I would not recommend getting a dog and hoping that it does not exceed its life expectancy. There are many mid sized breeds that have less issues in terms of mess.

Neapolitan Mastiff?

Well, a mastiff is a great companion and will give its life to protect you.. in fact mastiffs are known to position themselves between you and a stranger, so as to say, you wanna get to her, you gotta go thru me first... completely loyal.

They have good itelligence and are somewhat easily trainable, however IF you dont train your mastiff properly from a young age, including socializing it to other puppies, humans, large and small--- and obedience, a mastiff will be a NIGHTMARE. You must train him really well, if you do, its a great dog.

Mastiffs are known as "gentle giants", and have been known to let kids ride them like horses! so small children will be fine, again, if trained properly.

As far as clean, the neo is just about the sloppiest dog there is, except perhaps the st. bernard....

Id suggest an English Mastiff, drool yes, but I find them to be more attractive looking than the neo...

Mastiffs shed, but only 2 times a year, spring and fall.. and if you just brush them lightly outside, the hair wont even affect you..

A mastiff gets large fast, first year is super important, and you should read up on this... are there a lot of stairs in your house?

Also, are you working full time? mastiffs tend to get destructive and rambunctious when left alone for extended periods of time... so very well you may come home to a broken lamp, table or couch if your dog is bored. they CRAVE companionship and would be in heaven resting at your feet all day!

I suggest the english mastiff... and yes, it may be the breed for you, if you can give it the time and training it needs as a younger dog.

Neapolitan Mastiff?

Good on you for thinking this through properly. I DON'T think a neo would be right for you, purely because you must have some underlying doubts about their temprements, if you wouldn't be confident in having one around your possible future kids. Don't get me wrong, I personally see NO problem, and have alot of respect that you have aksed this question in an honest manner...but taking on ANY dog that you have niggling doubts about is not the best way to start your relationship. Good luck choosing. Meet lots of different breeds, and see what you think of them 'in the flesh'!

Neapolitan Mastiff?

It's great that you're taking the time to consider your lifestyle before committing to a particular breed, you stand a much better chance of having a long, happy relationship with your dog that way!

To be honest though, a Neopolitan Mastiff may not be a great choice for you if you're worried about drool for starters. They do drool, and they do it a lot. I have Italian Mastiffs which are much less 'drooly' than Neo's and they still soak me on a regular basis. And when they drink, everything within a 6 ft. radius takes a bath!

Big dogs can be okay with children, but although they're not usually aggressive etc. their sheer size can make them dangerous. A mastiff at play, has no idea it's not the size of a chihuahua and can easily knock a child over or worse.

As for allergies, it's more the dog dander that you're probably allergic to than the dog hair. Some breeds have more dander than others, and if they shed more they're distributing their dander more too. As you've noticed breeds with longer, silkier 'hair' rather than short, coarse fur-type coats may be less irritating to your allergies.

There are many breeds that are more suitable for people with allergies than others, but everyone is an individual and what suits someone else may not be right for you. So take your time and investigate your options.

You'll find lots of information on hypoallergenic dog breeds, lists of the best ones for people with allergies (and the worst ones), plus more general info. to help people with allergies pick the right breed for them here

Good luck with finding the right dog for you. Take your time and have fun choosing!

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  1. Does Neapolitan Mastiff stink as a dog? or have a stronger smell?